The Climb…worth it or not?

Here’s a song I played with today. The Climb by Miley Cyrus… Continue reading


A Day of Reset.

Monday for me is always that day that allows me to reset for the fresh week. I get a chance to reinstate my diet, any routines, do what I need to do on a more frequent basis, like clean. The kids are in school, the husband at work, and I am alone with time to do what needs to be done even if that means sleeping. Which I did today. I was up awhile last night, because part of my younger years was trending on Twitter, and people were trying to understand how that could happen, while the fans were going psycho with it. Continue reading

I Just Love This…

There’s something about this music. It has a fun little build in the beginning, then truly becomes ‘trance’-like… sort of a great drive and think song. I also listen to this song to think about the vibe to my book. It has an endearing beat, and somehow feels fulfilling. That could just be me though… what do you think?

The Song That Says It All

One day as I surfed, I found myself drawn to this song. It symbolized to me the over all emotion of my main character, Sara who I’ll introduce you to in time, in my book .

I really like the melody at the beginning, it’s semi-haunting. They’re fairly straight forward lyrics. However, the version I’ll post, the music is a major part of the effect. In my head I envision Sara as an innocent, unknowing teenager. She’s swept away by the notion of true, first love. Long before she realizes what that love really is, and that he, the man she’s in love with, is not what she expects. If this were to be a movie, it’d be the song during the closing credits.

Here’s the lyrics…
N-trance Lyrics
“N-trance I’m In Heaven lyrics”

I have nothing in my life
If I don’t have you standing by my side
All I needed was some time
I know that in the end I’ll make you mine

When it feels like I’m in heaven
And you hold me in your arms again
We will always be together
Won’t you stay another day

I can feel it in the air
The heat, the sound, the music everywhere
I pray tonight will never end
So won’t you hold me in your arms again

When it feels like I’m in heaven
And you hold me in your arms again
We will always be together
Won’t you stay another day

When it feels like I’m in heaven
(I’m in heaven) I’m in heaven
I feel like I’m in heaven

Welcome To My Blog…

Hi world,

Odds are if you are reading this you were sent this way. This is my way of combining my two most current loves, music and writing… er, storytelling?

The point of this blog is to generate interest in something I’ve created recently. As I want to hopefully become a published author I can not give you too many details of the actual project, but rather I intend to explain the birth of my creation here.

So please subscribe if you like young adult fiction, music (all kinds really, but here I’ll focus mainly on anything from pop to trance, techno), and enjoy feeling compelled emotionally.

I might even mention my pug on occassion. I’m really just a creative entity out to create her own journey, you should come along. You never know you may just enjoy the ride. Who knows what will happen… 😉