A Day of Reset.

Monday for me is always that day that allows me to reset for the fresh week. I get a chance to reinstate my diet, any routines, do what I need to do on a more frequent basis, like clean. The kids are in school, the husband at work, and I am alone with time to do what needs to be done even if that means sleeping. Which I did today. I was up awhile last night, because part of my younger years was trending on Twitter, and people were trying to understand how that could happen, while the fans were going psycho with it.

It’s funny for me as I was one of the younger fans back in the days of NKOTB, and now I’m one on the older side of the Nsync fans, though now I’m even older, because it’s been awhile since they’ve been called that. However, at the time, it was like being given a chance to see what I missed the first time around on this hyped up fan train.

Now to explain the Twitter Trend, I think people see this so many ways, but in the long run it comes down to this- we love the ‘boybands’ we do/did and wonder if one could make a come back and even work together with another, why can’t we have Nsync back? So the fans let out their cries of desperation,  and wished and prayed publicly they would be heard.

Now I happen to know that members of Nsync realize how blessed they were to have the fans they did/do. They know how severely they are missed, but for the fans, that moment was a glorious moment to take back what was once ours- the hype, the excitement, and all the adrenaline that goes with one word- Nsync. It was a glimpse of the past, a moment to cherrish, and that is why they trended. Sometimes in life you have to remember what makes you happy, and I promise many fans weren’t thinking about their jobs, their classes, or anything else important they had scheduled for today while they twittered away last night. They took a moment for themselves to just live.

As for the whole competitive nature of the ‘boyband’ beast, lets just say not all groups are built the same, and I don’t really like this NKOTB-BSB mash up thing they have going on… I didn’t like the way they sounded, and I have no intentions of attending  any show (which so far there are not any near me), I say this as a NKOTB fan who stood wholeheartedly by them for all these years. I think that a ‘boyband’ combined tour would have been cool if it wasn’t meshed like it is, and maybe if it were more than just those two groups. Lets say 4 groups a 3 hour show, and a lot of fans would have a reason to talk, a reason to break down boundaries.

I’m not sure if the shows themselves will be all mashed up like it was on the AMA’s, but between that and the name combining, I was just flat out irked. lol

If you attend one of their shows let me know how it goes, but since they aren’t coming anywhere near me, I don’t intend to travel, even though I know their concerts will ultimately have a better sound then the AMA did.

One thought on “A Day of Reset.

  1. Be comforted, I am not here unfortunately. I am from Germany is a little bad to come there. Yes that would be really something 3-4 boy bands would be great together on-stage. I just wish the N Sync really come together as a band. They were just unique and ingenious. Every time I hear her voice and, particularly, makes me cry because JC just for. They are just great. I’m speechless because I can think of nothing to what to say about them. There is no promise they are just.

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