My Superbowl.. er Rather NATS.

For the last couple months I’ve been prepping for my first vocal competition in about 15 years. It’s been interesting for me. In my lifetime I went from young popstar dreams to a completely different sound. It began in H.S. when I had to learn art and language songs.  I then spent the last near seven years with a private voice coach. In lessons we cover a little bit of everything, but generally I learn Italian and German arias, folk, and music theater pieces. For this competition I was entered in the advance classical group. I thought, even though I hate hate hate posting myself, I’d share this since this is really where I am at vocally, and it is an accomplishment. It’s unfortunate that I was extremely ill the week preceding this and it’s noticeable, but regardless I did fairly well. I will post my ratings, maybe ;), when I recieve them.  NATS – National Association of Teachers of Singing. 😉


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