A note about the book…er… story.

As most of you probably know I went back to work last September for my winter job. Well, thats over now, and I’ve taken a couple weeks of personal time to sleep, clean, mess up the house again, attempt to clean again, sleep more, and paint a family room a lovely retro avacado color that makes me feel as though I’m living in a mexican restaurant. And that is just pure heaven, and I’ve craved tortilla everything and margaritas since… wonder how that happened?

So, that brings me to my friends Sara, Gabe, Rose, Amber, Colby, Dayton, and yes, even Kyle. Okay and sort of Jeff … and if I must Bobby…. yeah, ALL the characters from book one minus Becky, Sara’s mom.  And about in order of importance… oh yeah the point… So, basically I haven’t done snot doodle nothing on book one in a LONG time. I had started taking notes on chapters, chpt by chpt, to sort of skim out the important things for a timeline. That put me neatly halfway through the story, but of course the OCD of me is going well, it’s been too long to just start there! REread yet again and do not edit, you’ve done that, just keep going to get your bearings. I began that process two days ago, and I realized I felt like I was on the outside again. Not so buried in the technicality of it all, the story had a fresh view and wow. I wish I could just find an agent who, while they like the idea, won’t pass. Yes, I had one say that to me, she liked it, but not enough to pick up.

That’s another detail, I keep finding I’m done, but not quite. I’ve gotten to the point I have pitched the idea yes, then after that batch all says no I revise, and try again. I think I’m getting close though. This last round is up, I’ve given the silent no’s their allotted time, and I’m about to pitch to another batch in the next couple of weeks or so. It’s odd, because over a year ago when this adventure began I felt so amatuer and silly, and now I just feel unrecognized, but definitely a writer/author.

That said, I also realized I’m in my infancy phase. That all that grammar, spelling, and word usage I had learned hasn’t fully come back. I haven’t really gotten to my mature writing phase. As such, if I exhaust my agent list I’m going to use my other talents and create an internet home for at least book one. I considered selfpublishing, but I’m not into that process at the moment. I might reconsider it later on pending success on book one. I also intend to only post in segments. If someone picks it up then they get the spoils of the ending and the option for the sequel.

Sometimes in life you have to take control. Sometimes you have to realize your goals may not match your expectations, and you might have to divise a new plan. This story has a place somewhere in the world, and it will be out there eventually. It’s just the “how” it gets there that’s in question. 😉


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