BFF’s Headlong Into a Dream.

I am double posting tonight, because I had a significant break from my normal life. I was in Dallas with someone who is one of my dearest besties, and also in many ways one of my long lost soul sisters. She’s incredible, and tolerant of me where I might say other wouldn’t be. The most intriguing part to this is while she is the main element, she is married to a very interesting man whom I believe is also the kind of husband to be deemed a trusting friend- on top of being my BFF’s hubby.

See, unlike even my own husband, at least in current status (we have a prearranged agreement about to blow up in his face,) he supports his wife and even her friends. And to that I simply have to say he’s the first male who has read as far into my rough manuscript as he has and kept reading, admitting he’s involved. I love this, because my story has a depth from my opinion that could be taken in by both sexes equally. Admittedly limited on the masculine side as it’s a love story, but he’s still reading.

So, I at that moment realized that some of your biggest ‘fans’ initially come from your first supporters. Friends, family, so on. Between the two of them, they are my fan base currently. After spending a weekend with them allowing me to occupy too much time with too many questions about my story I’ve come to think maybe I’m further into my process than I thought. Now is the time to expand.

Now I have a plan, I no longer feel like I’m drifting on waters that can’t decide whether to ebb or flow. There’s a current, and it’s headlong in the best possible direction. I will definitely be in print before the end of the year. One way or another, come hell or high water.

The weekend was awesome and rejuvenating. My over zapped energy replenished from a well of balance that they obviously provided, simultaneously. This should be fun, and lots of it.

For a wonderful pair- here’s a glimpse at something that I think will be directly resourced for my fans who will stick through the series, the fans guide.


The Series Guide


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