Sunday’s Dinner “Pizza” Stromboli!

I haven’t posted in awhile, but have come up with some fun things to twist in that will keep me posting more. This for instance is what was on the dinner plate Sunday. My mom made a version of this years ago that was so heavenly my family would practically gorge on it. I will have to dig for her recipe, now that she’s passed it’s one of the many little things you realize is lost.

My freehand recipe is as follows.

  • 3 bags of GV (Great Value) Pizza Dough .50 cents each! woo hoo- Prepare as instructed.
  • Pizza sauce. (Sam’s Ragu (not my fave, but tolerable) at just under 4 dollars a gallon freeze the excess-use to taste.)
  • Toppings, we used pepperoni ($6 at Walmart (2pkgs- My 5 yr. old will eat the other package) and sausage ($5 and some small change at Sams, use some for this, reserve some for tomorrow’s omelet AND dinner (Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole))
  • Mozerella (we bought the 2lb package at Sams for just over $5, we used one package for this. Freeze/reserve the other for an italian pasta casserole, lasagna, or cheesy garlic bread for spaghetti or whatever.- use traditional amounts for pizza or and this is where it gets good, as much as you freaking like as long as you know what too much is!

Heat oven to 350.
Roll out rested dough onto a floured large pastry mat or floured counter top to around 1×2 feet.
Spread some sauce on it, sprinkle the cheese, and add your toppings(cook the sausage first!) and hope you’re good at rolling it.
Roll it up like you would homemade cinnamon rolls and seal the ends.
Place seal down on greased sheet, spray with olive oil or not and bake for 20-40 min let it golden up nice, some stuff may cook out, no worries just make sure it’s cooked through.

We made two loaves (six bags of dough not the three), and came in around $23 for enough to eat off of for about a week. Hubby will take some to work for lunch and to share with coworkers. I now have lunch for the week and enough supplies to make more meals! You can easily figure how to skim this down to less for only one loaf, but 3 bags of GV dough is perfect for one loaf, that’s the only real trick. 🙂

Happy Eating!


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