Forgotten, by Cat Patrick

This last weekend my husband and I took a semi-romantic-semi-business trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. For us it is around a four and a half hour drive or so. Anticipating the lovely suite up for grabs via a sales point contest, and my hubby frankly, being the top salesman at his company, I took the book Forgotten by Cat Patrick, her debut novel, with me for either the drive or the hours I’d spend in the jacuzzi tub located in said suite while the husband played golf half the day.

I read the book on the drive home, and fell in love with Luke, the boy the lead character London Lane is faced with most of the story. I suck at actual book reviews, but I will say this, it kept me turning pages so fast I was home in about an hour mentally. It has a semi-resolving ending. It’s one of those that you really like you get certain factors, but linger on wanting more. I did question some small items that are those questions you’re not supposed to ask, so I won’t- they aren’t story-killers. Outside of that it was a read that I wish had a follow up, but her website says she likes where it ends.

I heart Luke. I adore London and her story. I wish when I was in my ‘mom haze’ I had thought of something this intriguing to write. I completely remember not remembering half my day.

Congrats Cat on a great book, I hope to read Revived soon as I am currently 16th in position. I may be purchasing it before it shows up at the local branch.

With that said here’s the info for the book from Cat’s site.

Past. Present. Future. Which matters most?

Each night when 16 year-old London Lane goes to sleep, her memory of that day is erased. In the morning, all London can “remember” are events from her future and the people who will play a part in it. In order to get by, London relies on reminder notes and a trusted friend to navigate relationships and high school life. Adaptable by nature, she tries to view her memory loss as a fact of life rather than a condition. But when London starts experiencing disturbing flashbacks, or flashforwards, as the case may be, she realizes that in order to understand her present and her future, she must solve the mystery of her past.

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