Children, Oh How Unique They Are

I have decided to share with the world what I went through, and am going through with my children. I won’t mention them by name. If you know them, please do not comment with their real names.

I have spent the last eight years dealing with numerous little things some mom’s get to skip out on speech delays, allergies, colic, possible Aspergers, and always questioning what is going on with them. They aren’t typical children, but they also aren’t abnormal. I’m sure most mom’s recognize their kids fall in between certain lines, and these are just my recounts of how I struggled and coped.

I wanted to put this out there, because for me I lost my mom nearly eight months to the day before her first grandson was born. I was told I’d never likely have children, and I looked at him as her last gift, maybe she sent him to help fill the void. I don’t really know, but I do know my mom was the mom who would have held many of the answers to my issues/questions with my children. She simply wasn’t there, she couldn’t be. While this should have broken my heart and while it does sadden me, I know having her in my life when I did gave me much of the knowledge and strength it took to deal with what you will read in my stories.

Without her, it was hard to piece together, and work nearly alone on many of these issues. I’d like to think that these recounts may help some of the moms out there who have children with similar issues. I wanted there to be an example of how children even in the same home can be so similar, but so different. How even though there are days you think you’re falling apart it does honestly get better, and sometimes the rewards is tremendous.

Life was not intended to be easy, and when it came to my kids for a long time it was far from it. For the mom’s who quickly realized children are not always what you think they are, sometimes they’re even better…

Under pages are three tales. One for each child on developmental issues, and one for a whole ‘nother batch of hell.

Case One: Bubba
Case Two: Bubby
Colic, Genius, And Allergies- My Worst Nightmare Recognized.