So, who didn’t want to be the Little Mermaid?

I used to love this movie and song.  So I was just messing around, because my other song I’m actually working on doesn’t have great tracks available.  So for those of us who refuse to fully grow up.

ETA: This is generally not a ‘big’ girl’s song FYI… lol Hence the title of the video, however, this is taken from the ‘B-Way version.’

My Superbowl.. er Rather NATS.

For the last couple months I’ve been prepping for my first vocal competition in about 15 years. It’s been interesting for me. In my lifetime I went from young popstar dreams to a completely different sound. It began in H.S. when I had to learn art and language songs.  I then spent the last near seven years with a private voice coach. In lessons we cover a little bit of everything, but generally I learn Italian and German arias, folk, and music theater pieces. For this competition I was entered in the advance classical group. I thought, even though I hate hate hate posting myself, I’d share this since this is really where I am at vocally, and it is an accomplishment. It’s unfortunate that I was extremely ill the week preceding this and it’s noticeable, but regardless I did fairly well. I will post my ratings, maybe ;), when I recieve them.  NATS – National Association of Teachers of Singing. 😉

Just Because It’s Important

So my best childhood girl sent me this song awhile back, and it just sets the perfect picture of growing up for me.  I embrace memories, because they remind us of the times in our lives when things were either happier or so sad we’re grateful those times have passed. And the word home has many meanings, it doesn’t have to be an actual house, maybe it’s just that place we feel safest, even if it’s tucked neatly into the folds of fond memories. I love my girls, they always take me home again. Cheers.


I Just Love This…

There’s something about this music. It has a fun little build in the beginning, then truly becomes ‘trance’-like… sort of a great drive and think song. I also listen to this song to think about the vibe to my book. It has an endearing beat, and somehow feels fulfilling. That could just be me though… what do you think?