Here’s the song I was attempting to work on when Part of Your World so rudely interrupted me. This is Far From the Home I Love. The music is just an instrumental I pulled off of youtube and it was the better of very few selections so you kind of just go with it…


My Scores from NATS

I received my scores from my NATS competition recently. Basically how it works- there are 3 judges in the room and they each take notes and give you a number score in a range. Most of my comments were what I expected as I know my problem areas, but what I didn’t expect or realize was I received compliments. My voice teacher was also judging that day and had a break when I was up, so she came down to watch. Her thumb was ice covered it was so bruised from taking comment & scores. With that said she explained that there’s such a limited time to get down what they need to, to give a compliment is rare as it takes up that time. Not to mention when you have to ice your thumb from writing so often and quickly, they only try to hit the important parts. The important parts are generally meant to be more constructive. I was told I have very fine Italian and that I have an enjoyable and  warm voice. While on some level I realize these things, it was really accomplishing to hear it from two other voice teachers. I hope my voice teacher was rather proud as she’s really my whole vocal world and what made me capable of even doing what I did in that competition. Thanks Michelle.

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