Quirky Children

I started this page as landing for all my experiences with my children, and why I call them quirky. Between anxiety, OCD, speech delays, and allergies, I’ve seen a lot of craziness. These are mere recaps of what I experienced with my children, this is not the entire picture, that would be too hard to paint in mere words on a blog.

What you will find are markers for what children on or nearly on the spectrum may be. The autism spectrum isn’t always the answer to children with delays or personality quirks. But sometimes there are answers to dealing or coping with children who have similar symptoms or possibly are borderline to being on the spectrum, but can otherwise not be diagnosed. Children do fall through the cracks, both mine have multiple times even with different diagnosis.

I wanted this information out there for anyone who is struggling with issues similar to these. My kids had some very obvious triggers and symptoms, but were counteracted by being so normal in other situations. It was hard to figure out what was going on, and I didn’t want anyone in a similar situation to think they’re the only ones trying to figure it out. Just remember kids can end up with numerous labels these days, realistically, they don’t need labels. They need to learn how to live in the world around them now and in the future regardless of the label. It’s about solving that part of the puzzle, not always having an a title to the problem.

I also cover some issues like colic and allergies. Children can be very scary, and what they go through can be even scarier when all you want is to protect them. This is how I managed, how I coped.


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