Pancakes for Kids

Today in adventures of cooking at Megan’s house we made pancakes. This is an easy recipe, its on the back of the box. We use that fancy Bisquick stuff in a hurry. From scratch are yummy too especially with classy vanilla, but anyhow today we just worked with what we had seeing as I had two STARVING! kids. Heaven forbid mommy gets to sleep in a few times over the summer.

So, what makes these unique is merely the toppings. If you’ve ever needed something fun to do with pancakes for kids try Goober-cakes, we applied the PB/Jelly mix of weirdness over the top with a dash of powdered sugar. I would have made a face with say bananas, but this was Bubby’s cake and frankly he is a not an explorer in eating, if it isn’t shredded cheese or bread you can pretty much expect it’s your lucky day of the year if he eats it, so banana on the side. He only ate few since they were sliced, my bad. Picky Goober-butt, hence the Goober-cake…

Moving on the next was Nutella with bananas and powdered sugar. Same basic thing Nutella first, then banana, and sugar. Now keep in mind that Nutella had a class action recently settled because of false advertising about it being on the healthy side. In minimal yep, it’s alright just like PB, but don’t go slathering it on if you’re health conscious, this is mostly for flavor and fun. 😉

Interested in the class action case? The claim deadline has passed, but here’s the info just in case you were curious.