Omelets Today

Today we used up more of our sausage and made some omelets. Bubba’s was sausage and cheese, but he ate it all up. Mine had anaheim peppers, bell peppers, sausage, cheese, and was topped with sriracha. I would have added fresh chilis, but they weren’t quite ready. I plucked all the veggies from my own garden, added flavor bonus- DELISH!

I haven’t mastered omelets by any means, sometimes they are easy, and sometimes they seem like they are destined to laugh at your flipping abilities. However, my magic recipe is easy I figure two eggs per omelet. I generally prep it in a liquid measuring cup for easy pour. Add a little milk to desired consistency, I’d say I add somewhere around 1/2 cup per 4 eggs. That’s easy enough yes?

Next touch of omelet magic truly comes in having a good pan. I have this small one that is Emeril brand non-stick. On top of that, I use my Misto, I am in love with this. If you haven’t picked one up it sprays olive oil, and is perfection for spraying pans! Once you have your egg mixture, make sure you have your added veggies, meat, and cheese chopped and ready to go. Turn stove to medium heat and spray the pan with enough to slightly saute your veggies and meat (leave any tomatoes for later or have soggy tomato). Once they put off a good scent and are a little tender add your egg mixture (I divided my 4 egg mixture in half to get these two omelets,) and toss in the tomatoes then. Cook your omelet by pulling the edges up and allowing the liquid mixture to tip underneath. This gives it a thicker base for flipping later. Keep this up until it seems mostly cooked through, you may have to adjust the heat down or up depending on your stove. Once you you have used a spatula to release the sides and some of the bottom edge ensuring it is not sticking to pan you may attempt the fancy flip or just use a large spatula to flip it. If you really make a mess next time try cutting in half and just flipping one side at a time. Once flipped, add some cheese if you like and allow to cook for a minute or two. Slip onto plate folding it in half, and bingo! You have an omelet. Easy peasy, no?

Sidenote: If you use garden fresh veggies consider omitting any salt and pepper that a lot of us generally add to many dishes as the flavor should burst in this type of dish. But I do like my peppers, and I will use black pepper when it occurs to me to.