Book Update.

Here’s where I’m at on the series. Book 1 I finished revising recently to the point I’ve decided to submit it to agents. Cross your fingers for me.

Book 2, I also revised recently, but it still has some minimal work needed. Though, I’ve managed to create a summary for each chapter in each book in the latest revisions. This has led me to realize this story is pretty big and a long way off from being finished.

Book 3 I have recently drafted up it’s plot line. For my betas, I’m just going to apologize in advance. I have major plans in store for this one, and frankly the characters are screaming for their own attention and I’m not sure I’ll be writing this one out in order. I might be writing it bit by bit in order to accomplish what I’d like. I might even start at the end and work backwards as the ending has been in my head for so long it’s begging to be written. So you’ll be waiting awhile.

As I wrote out book 3 I came across enough info that I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. I may end up revising a lot of it out, it may never get written, or it may end up in an additional book in the series.


Everything Falls Into Place

I just had a piece of book three completely write itself out. Amazing too, cause it pulled together so much of the story. So much, that I am now working on different pieces at once as I can’t avoid it. This is almost insanity at it’s best.

Don’t forget 100 Monkey’s on The Baub Show tonight.

A note about the book…er… story.

As most of you probably know I went back to work last September for my winter job. Well, thats over now, and I’ve taken a couple weeks of personal time to sleep, clean, mess up the house again, attempt to clean again, sleep more, and paint a family room a lovely retro avacado color that makes me feel as though I’m living in a mexican restaurant. And that is just pure heaven, and I’ve craved tortilla everything and margaritas since… wonder how that happened? Continue reading